We are definitely in the age of podcasts, brunch and the “independent woman.” It’s not uncommon to see t-shirts, articles or social media posts about not needing a man and how women are holding it down all by themselves. It’s also not uncommon to hear damaging stereotypical statements passed down through generations about men “not holding up their end of the bargain” or “to never rely on a man for anything.” There seems to be a rampant campaign to down play the necessity and role of men as the modern day woman finds comfort in holding down her own.

In marriage, this does not work. Period. Men need the encouragement and love from women, but most importantly from their wives (yes, even if you can handle the load). I mean two are better than one, right? So wife, I’m begging you to act like it. It is imperative that husbands know their role and that they are respected as the head. They must know they are needed.

So, why do I need my man?

Here are 10 reasons:

1. I love serving him. 2. He makes up for my weaknesses and shortcomings. 3. There’s NO ONE like him. 4. Who else would I travel the world with? 5. He is a living example of what grace and mercy looks like. 6. God did say multiply, right? 7. When I fall, he picks me up. 8. Best?Chef?Ever. 9. I thought I was patient and then I married patience. Hmph. #growth 10. To wash and cleanse me with the word and hold me accountable, which in turn will make me righteous in Gods sight.

Oh yea, and one more reason:

11. To create healthy generational cycles.

Now that I’ve shared my list I want you to make one.


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