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Reignite Your Marriage: A Biblical-Centered 60 Minutes Intensive

A Journey to Deeper Connection

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Presented by Joe and Marissa Msefya, Certified Christian Marriage Coaches

We're Joe and Marissa Msefya, a devoted husband and wife team, strong believers in Jesus Christ, loving parents, and Certified Marriage Coaches.

Unlock the secrets to revive the most crucial aspect of your relationship — friendship. Discover a journey to deeper connection and lasting joy in your marriage with our exclusive marriage intensive.

Are the Hustles and Bustles of Life Suffocating the Friendship Spark in Your Marriage?

Join us for 60-minute to uncover and address common challenges:

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Why Attend?

  • Expert Guidance: Led by seasoned Christian marriage therapists with a wealth of experience in rebuilding marriages.

  • Biblical Foundation: Rooted in timeless principles to strengthen your relationship from a faith-based perspective.

  • Interactive Session: Engage in discussions, activities, and Q&A to tailor the advice to your unique situation.

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