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Elevate Your Event with Forever Marriages

We are more than just speakers; we are your dedicated marriage thought leaders, experienced panelists, and skilled workshop facilitators. When you choose us for your next virtual or in-person event, you're choosing the expertise and wisdom that comes from years of fostering healthy, lasting marriages.

Explore Our Suggested Topics:
  • Godly Roles & Attributes of Christian Husband and Wife: Unlock the profound qualities that define a Christ-centered marriage.
  • A Forever Marriage Mindset: Discover the mindset shifts that transform marriages into lifelong, thriving partnerships.
  • How to Build Your Marital Community: Dive into the art of creating a supportive and nurturing community around your marriage.
  • The 3Cs to a Lifelong & Exciting Marriage: Uncover the three essential elements that breathe excitement and longevity into your marital journey.
  • Creating Marriage Boundaries: Learn the art of setting boundaries that safeguard the sanctity of your union.
  • Husband's Leadership in the Home: Explore the vital role of husbands in leading their families with love and purpose.
  • Restoring Manhood: Delve into the path of rediscovering and embracing authentic masculinity in today's world.
  • God's Design for Masculinity: Gain insight into how God's divine design shapes true masculinity.
  • Cultivating the 5 Types of Intimacies in Your Marriage: Explore the five dimensions of intimacy that deepen your connection with your spouse.

When you book us for your event, you're not just booking speakers; you're engaging marriage thought leaders who are dedicated to enriching the lives of couples. Join us in the journey to stronger, more fulfilling marriages.

I had the pleasure of having Joseph and Marissa on my Let's Talk Family show where we discussed millennial marriages. Their insight and knowledge made for a great show. It was obvious that Joseph and Marissa are very serious and passionate about helping marriages. They are a great asset and source for a healthy marriage.
- Warren Feaster, Lets Talk Family Host
In a time where people throw around titles and pad their resume, that is certainly not the case regarding Marissa and Joseph Msefya. Both Marissa and Joseph have demonstrated expertise when they have been called upon to answer multi-facet complex questions on The OIL (Overflowing in Love). The episode(s) in which she and her husband have appeared have yield higher than norm viewership due to Joseph and Marissa’s high capabilities to handle speaking clear practical solutions and guidance to the audience.
- Katrina Long-Currie, Overflowing in Love Host
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