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Coaching Services

Hey #foreverbaes,

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a marriage that reflects God's design of love and commitment. We share your vision of impacting others through the purpose and vision God has for your marriage. As Certified Marriage Coaches, we're not just enthusiastic about this journey; we're deeply committed to helping you build a marriage that endures for a lifetime.

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Why Choose Us as Your Guides:

Through our extensive training and years of experience, we've assisted countless couples in overcoming the complexities of marriage. We're your steadfast companions, offering:


  • Attentiveness: We listen with open hearts to your unique challenges, both apparent and concealed.

  • Proven Strategies: Our approach is rooted in tried-and-true strategies, fortified by the timeless wisdom of the Word of God.

  • Marriage Resources: We provide you with a wealth of resources firmly grounded in God's teachings.


Marriage Coaching Can Empower You to:


  • Resolve Conflict: Whether it's the obvious clashes or the subtler tensions, we'll guide you toward peaceful resolutions.

  • Deepen Intimacy: Discover the depths of intimacy and strengthen your overall connection.

  • Establish Healthy Boundaries: Protect your marriage by setting and maintaining boundaries that nurture your relationship.

  • Navigate Life's Challenges: From parenting to relocations and career changes, we'll help you navigate life's most demanding transitions.

  • Manage Expectations: Foster realistic expectations for your spouse, marriage, and family.

  • Enhance Communication: Implement healthy conflict resolution and communication practices for a harmonious marriage.

  • Achieve Goals: We'll assist you in setting and accomplishing both short-term and long-term goals.

  • Strengthen Your Connection: Enhance not just your physical intimacy but also the spiritual bond through consistent prayer.

And so much more...
Your marriage journey is a profound and beautiful one, and we're privileged to be your guides. Together, let's build a love that stands the test of time.
Welcome to a lifetime of flourishing love and enduring commitment.

Please note: If your spouse is toxic or emotionally/physically abusive, please get to safety first. The hotline to the National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233

Forever marriage coaching really helped me look at the way I communicate with my husband. In my coaching sessions with Marissa I really felt like I need to take a step back out of my own emotions and look at the bigger picture when it came to addressing issues with my husband.

-Ashley Coleman

There were areas in our life that we did not know needed to be addressed until our convo with Joseph and Marissa. They provided a space of security, comfort, vulnerability and a listening ear.

- The Farmers




Does Forever Marriages Coaching require both husband and wife to participate?


No. It is always best to have both the husband and wife invested in the growth of their marriage, but we do know that there are cases where one partner is more driven to pursue growth, and therefore, we welcome you!


How do payments and packages work?

We always recommend booking a strategy call before choosing a package. At the bottom of the page, you will have the option to select one of the three main coaching packages and pay in full. If you do not see one that meets your needs, we are happy to customize a package for you (ex. 4 weeks instead of 6) or offer you individual wife to wife/husband to husband sessions at $75/session.


What will my coaching sessions look like?

Each virtual session will last  60 minutes using via zoom. The conversation during each call will be driven by your needs and goals. As coaches, we will be attentive to your marriage needs and goals, be supportive and encouraging, and hold you accountable to do what you commit to. You will walk away from each coaching session with an action plan to implement in between our calls.


How is coaching with us different from counseling or therapy?

We are not therapist or licensed counselors. But we are certified and experienced marriage coaches. Men and women love coaching because this approach is forward focused and goal oriented instead. There is no treatment or diagnosis. We help you overcome obstacles and establish a game plan so that ultimately your marriage becomes what you desire.


Do you guarantee results?

If we were the only ones committing to the work, then we would without a doubt say YES. This is however not the case because the client has a critical and pivotal part to play by being transparent and committing to applying the developed action plan. We have found that when couples are committed to growth, God honors that and moves them along.

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