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Transitions are tough!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We all go through them. It could be the birth of a new baby, adoption, a job loss (or promotion), relocation, or even becoming a caregiver. As we are in the midst of one, I realized that many of you are in the same boat. Even if its something that you feel solely is on you or your spouse, it impacts the entire household and family.

We get it.

Things are different, they are uncomfortable, and you are trying your best to navigate it without falling apart.

As you navigate this transition remember that it is possible to get through. Sometimes transitions choose us or we choose them, but regardless, to successfully get through them and not lose your way, there are a few things to keep front and center.

November 7th will make one full year since we relocated to Florida with our toddler girl and we want to share five key things that are keeping us going day to day:

1. Knowing it's only temporary

It will not always feel like transition. You will arrive to the day where you feel settled and grounded again. Some say it takes 2 years but we believe everyone's journey is their own and this time can vary depending on many different factors!

2. Being on the same team

We are team [fill in the blank]! Remember that you are going through this together and there may be some things that each of you need to do differently. Communicate what those things are with respect and love and find ways to support each other through this season.

3. Balance of work and play

Remember to do something fun! All the discussions, strategizing, preparations, meetings/appointments can be overwhelming and daunting. Life is still moving and moving fast so make sure to not let it pass you by. Pull out that calendar and schedule in some quality time frequently but also try to be spontaneous.

4. Check in with each other often

You've heard the saying "keep the lines of communication open"? Make it a habit to do checkins with each other at an established/agreed upon time (not in passing) so that you can really give each other the attention each of you need and hear clearly. Keep in mind transitions can be a grieving process and look different for you and your spouse. Learn to ask thoughtful open ended questions.

5. Praying together daily

This should really be number one. Keep your focus on what the Lord has instructed you to do, seek Him for wisdom and this will surely sustain you. Set aside time in your day to come together in prayer to ask for whatever it is you need and to invite the Lord in your decision making.

Are you going through a transition? Which one of these strategies and actions are helpful to you?

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About Marissa & Joseph

Joseph and Marissa Msefya have been together for 11 years and married for 7. They are millennial parents, Certified Marriage Coaches, published authors and the Founders of Forever Marriages. They help millennial husbands and wives desiring oneness, build lifelong Christ-centered marriages.

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