You both have decided to start a lifelong journey together. He proposed and she said yes.

Ladies, you are excited. Fellas, you are relieved and feel like the luckiest man in the world. The easy part is over (whew) and now this is where the important part starts.

 Marriage planning.

Of course wedding planning will happen, but the focus is marriage planning! You both have a lifetime ahead of you, but remember what happens next is so important.

Take your time. The engagement period is so delicate, but so exciting.

Many couples have a tendency to tread lightly during this period and do anything to please one another to not raise any red flags as they scramble to wedding plan. It’s also time sensitive because of the “deadline” set to have everything in order (i.e. the wedding) by a certain date. But, despite this being the case, I urge you two to focus on what is important, pray together and pray hard.

Your faith will be tested as you prepare for marriage.

You may see or hear things you do not like, but it is up to you to determine the deal breakers.

As you maneuver through this period, be intentional about surrounding yourself with people who are happily married (mentor-ship), read material to provide sound and biblical insight on marriage, and learn together by attending seminars, listening to podcasts, and anything else that will help you prepare mentally, spiritually and emotionally for this ride.

Yes, I know you can’t fully prepare and some things can’t be taught, but preparation is imperative to establishing a strong foundation.

We encourage you to find a Christ-centered premarital class to attend together, which will equip you with tools to fight for your marriage and address communication, intimacy, finances and many other topics that will come up throughout your journey.

Also, start building a village, a community of people, that genuinely supports your union-ship collectively.

Please know we are rooting for you along with thousands of other people that believe in the covenant of marriage!

Get ready to SHIFT and be transformed.

God bless!

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