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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Raise your hand if you still have a date night/day set aside each week or want to start?? Whether its mid week, on the weekend or in the beginning, all that matters is that it is scheduled time for you to connect one on one with your forever bae. And right now, couples need this more than ever!

Below are eight romantic date ideas ranging from simple to complex, that we have tested and approved (thank us later) and are perfect for the Summer months! Oh, and each one ranges from $0-$25! Use hashtag #FMdatenightideas and tag @forevermarriages (IG) or @foreverispossilbe (FB) if you decide to do any of them and we may repost! Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Korean BBQ

Where are the foodie couples at?? This is the perfect outdoor date idea for couples who like spending time on their deck (or prefer the indoors). All you need is this portable grill stovetop plate, some tongs, and meats! Set the tone by adding nice outdoor tableware, music or even candles and you are in business <3

2. Memorize or recite the promises of God

There are tons of ways to get this started, but one way is to download the YouVersion bible app, grab some note cards and your favorite pen and you are ready to go. Start thinking of what is going on in your life, marriage and family and find promises that correspond with those specific situations. This will help you feel more closer to God and definitely more united with each other.

3. Couples yoga

If you have the space, this would be perfect for outdoors, but if not find some space in your home, put on some comfy clothes and find a Youtube video (for beginners) to guide you through the poses! Now, if you or your spouse's primary love language is physical touch, this is a win-win! BONUS: Dim the lights and light some candles!

4. At home pedis & verzuz battle

Take turns giving each other pedicures at home while catching the replay of one of the Verzuztv battles! This date requires some basic supplies like a foot soaking basin, towel, oil/lotion, and a grooming kit from your local beauty store (if not already in your house). Optional: Epsom salt & nail polish

5. Couples massage

Does the racial climate, your job, or kids have you stressed out? Help each other relieve stress by giving each other a relaxing hand, back, foot or full body massage using a light massage oil, your favorite tunes & candles! BONUS: Add some rose petals!

6. Stargazing

When night falls, step outside and find an area where there is not a lot of trees. Sit, get cozy and just take in nature. You never know, you may catch a few shooting stars! This is a perfect opportunity to converse after a long day. You most likely will learn something new about each other.

7. Hiking

Another outdoor activity, but this one is for the adventurous couples that doesn't mind working up a little sweat! Find a local park with trails, pack some water and don’t forget the bug spray! If you are feeling really romantic, plan this right around sunset and just take it alllll in. It will be the highlight of your outing so don’t forget to take pics!

8. Picnic on the lake

I think this is one of my personal faves. Being near or on the water is so therapeutic. Try to find a park that rents boats or canoes, pack a picnic basket with your favorite beverages and you are set! Now, if you are not a fan of the water, this can be done on land too! Google a nearby winery or something similar so that you keep the intimate atmosphere!

BONUS: Bring conversation cards or this couples journal to help you have deeper levels of conversation.

Ok, so there's eight ideas! Which one are you planning to try first?? Don't forget to tag us in your photos (@forevermarriages) and most importantly have fun!!

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