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Just imagine going to the store to pick up something you really NEED, looking at the price and saying nahhh never mind, I can wait. But the thing is, you really need this item and you’ve already put it off for weeks.

Do you know that same mindset carries into marriage? You know you need to book that session or buy tickets to that workshop but you don’t like the price so you make excuses.

The question then becomes: What are you willing to sacrifice to give your marriage the investment it deserves?

Its not a question we can answer for you but we encourage you to take some time to think through it.

Below we offer four signs that you are being cheap with your marriage:

Sign #1: You or your spouse only go after the free marriage stuff.

This could be a podcast, event or the little freebies that your favorite marriage influencer puts out from time to time. There's nothing wrong with free, but when this is the only thing you go after, perhaps its time to evaluate why that's the case

What we know: When couples only go after free stuff, it piles up and they forget about it. They didn't invest anything in it so its not as valuable as something that may have cost $10, $20, $50.

Sign #2: Your spouse has been asking (nearly begging) you to go to counseling together but you think its too expensive and make other excuses.

Like we always say, marriage is an investment and this investment requires money. When you make these continual investments your marriage directly benefits in numerous ways! It may seem costly now, but think about the future. Show your spouse you value them, and what you are building by making the necessary sacrifices to book a session.

What we know: Coaches and counselors can work with your budget! Try it before you knock it.

Sign #3: Overspending in food, travel or clothing are no biggies, but when it comes to marriage enrichment expenses, you get upset.

The bible says, "where your treasure is, your heart is there also" (Matt 6:21). What we value is where we spend our money. In no way are we condoning overspending at all however, budgeting marriage enrichment into your expenses (along with food, travel and clothing) shows that this is important to you!

What we know: Budgeting for at least three marriage enrichment activities per year will keep your marriage spicy

Sign #4: You spent $10K on your wedding 5 years ago, but have an issue spending $100 for activities that will directly improve your marriage.

Doesn't add up right? The best gift you can give your marriage after the wedding is all said and done are things that keep it moving forward. You have probably heard that the magic is not in getting married, its in staying married. And we don't want you to just stay married, we want you to honor God, be healthy and have purpose!

What we know: The money you put in during your engagement is not going to help your marriage thrive. That's long gone. The couples that put money in to their marriage each year have made a mental shift that is 100% necessary for longevity!

After reading these signs, where would you say you fall? Now, what would your spouse say?

The daily investments you make don’t necessarily change things over night but they DO build momentum and help to keep you going in a forward direction. So buy that book, book those sessions, go on that retreat…do what directly positively impacts your overall marriage.

You cannot afford to cheap with your marriage (if longevity is the goal).

Here are Forever Marriages, we offer several ways for you to pour into your marriage and make improvements during your journey. Please check out the upcoming Forever In Love Couples Getaway details or if you are needing some one on one support, please book a couples or individual strategy call here.

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About Marissa & Joseph

Joseph and Marissa Msefya have been together for 11 years and married for 7. They are millennial parents, Certified Marriage Coaches, published authors and the Founders of Forever Marriages. They help millennial husbands and wives desiring oneness, build lifelong Christ-centered marriages.

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