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We began our marriage without married friends that were on the same journey. But, we understood the importance of being surrounded by millennials couples who were experiencing the highs and lows of marriage and believed in fighting for for it. Couples we could learn and grow with. Couples that could pray for us and with us, and for us to do the same. Couples that would hold us accountable as we matured as a Godly husband and wife. 

So we made it our duty to build this community and its been lifechanging. 


We know it will be the same for you.

The  Foreverbae  Community membership provides an opportunity for couples all over the world to: 

1.  Connect and grow with married-minded husbands and wives virtually and in person during #foreverbae meetups and events for a special rate!


2. Consistent accountability, encouragement and insight through a private community of husbands and wives with similar goals to level up in faith fitness, finance and family.

3. Grow a network of village-minded entrepreneurial couples through the online business directory

Plus so much more...

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