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We began our marriage without married friends that were on the same journey. But, we understood the importance of being surrounded by millennials couples who were experiencing the highs and lows of marriage and believed in fighting for for it. Couples we could learn and grow with. Couples that could pray for us and with us, and for us to do the same. Couples that would hold us accountable as we matured as a Godly husband and wife. 

So we made it our duty to build this community and its been lifechanging. 


We know it will be the same for you.

The  Foreverbae  Community membership provides an opportunity for couples all over the world to: 

1.  Connect and grow with married-minded husbands and wives from all over virtually and in person during #foreverbae meetups, retreats and events for a special rate!


2. Receive consistent accountability, encouragement and insight through a private community of husbands and wives with similar goals to level up in faith fitness, finance and family.

3. Access a growing library of videos, audio clips, templates and content whenever you need it to help you build the marriage you truly desire.

4. Private online group relationship tune-ups with Certified Marriage Coaches, Joseph & Marissa, to help you feel closer, connected and deepen intimacy with  each other

Plus so much more...

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if my spouse doesn't like stuff like this?
    That's okay, it's not a requirement for both of you to use the membership. We're here to support you and your forever marriage in any way that we can.
  • We're really busy. How much time do we need to commit per week?
    The beautiful thing about the Forever Bae Membership is that there are no time constraints. You can check in once a week or whenever you can! The information and resources will be there waiting for you and it's available 24/7.
  • What if I don't like it, can I cancel?"
    Yes, you can cancel anytime. We have a no hassle guarantee.
  • Do I have to buy two separate memberships for me and my spouse?
    No, it's one price for the two of you! And each spouse gets their own account
  • I'm nervous to open up about myself and my marriage, is this a safe space?"
    Yes, no one here is perfect and it's a judgement free zone. This is definitely a safe space where you can be as transparent as you like.
  • We're engaged, do we have to be married to join?"
    No, you don't have to be married to join. The engagement phase is the best time to learn all you can, ask questions and start building your marriage village so we welcome you with open arms!
  • How do I contact you if I have additional questions?
    You can contact us by sending an email to
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