Marriage is a V.E.R.B

4 Part Online Course
For the Christian Husband/Wife Who Wants Deeper Satisfaction in Their Marriage


During this course, you will:

  • Discover the 5 most overlooked boundaries that shape marriages and the easiest way to set them

  • Learn how to develop values grounded in godly principles that builds your marriage

  • Dispel Hollywood expectations and adopt godly expectations for your spouse that will make him/her love you more

  • Learn the difference between traditional roles by society vs godly ordained roles that fill your marriage with joy

    and more...

    *the course includes exercises and assessments to help you see the results you are longing for​

Husband Leadership in the Home

 7 Week Online Course

Transforming Men into Husbands

their Wives Respect and Desire

Become a Better Husband (2).png

During this course, you will receive:


- Actionable steps to help you transform your home and your relationship with your wife

- Together we will study Christ's pattern for manhood and husband-hood.

- Unpack leadership qualities that will transform your role in the home, Combat the spirit of passivity, and Embrace the concept of being present responsibly.

-This course is for any brother that wants to love and honor his wife and bring God glory!

- Join Joseph Mseyfa and other brothers in this near two month-long journey as we shift into proper perspective, realize our roles and learn to lead our wives and families courageously by leaning on the power of the Holy Spirit.